The Open Gate Rancher Proudly Presents: Alpaca Apparel

All of our products are from Choice Alpaca Products and many products are made right here in the U.S.A. with fiber from farms and ranches all over the U.S., just like ours! Choice Alpaca is a fiber pool, and fiber is collected from all over the country, and distributed to cottage mills to make products to be turned around and sold in our cottage stores!

Some products are imported from South America. I have included information about these products where available.

I love Choice Alpaca products, I've met the owners, and I know that I am getting a quality product to pass on to my friends and customers.


Send me an email or Facebook message with what you'd like and we'll arrange a payment method that works best for you! I will let you know the order total (plus shipping if necessary), and will ship it when I receive your payment. If you are local, I am more than happy to make arrangements for delivery or pick up!

Call or text: 208.717.4461
Facebook & Instagram: Pacas West


Items are Individually Priced
*If I am out of stock of something, I can always order it for you!


Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, & Credit Card

Adventure Required Hats

100% Alpaca


Gloves & Mittens

80% Alpaca

$24 - $48


80% Alpaca

$22 - $30


100% Baby Alpaca


Get Outfitted!

Whether you're out for a stroll with the dog, doing errands about town, or enjoying the outdoors while getting work done, we've got the hand gear for you!




These glove mittens are perfect for walking the dog, getting the mail, or running errands! Light weight, but warm!



These glove mittens are a little heavier weight, suited for a heavier task!

Natural Merino Blends


A heavier weight, full gloves, for that winter wood stacking or any other outdoor task!

Merino Blends


Fingerless! In case you need that tactile grip for your outdoor task. These heavier weight gloves will still keep your hands toasty!