Alpaca Beans!!

The best soil enrichment there is!


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$3 1Gal Bag for Bean Tea
$10 for #50 grain bag full
$3 BYOB or 5Gal Bucket - YOU scoop #50 grain bag
$50 truck load - We help load (no tractor, SORRY!)
What ARE Alpaca Beans?!
Alpaca beans are often referred to as ‘black gold’ in the gardening world. Alpaca manure is a rich soil conditioner and a superb soil enhancer! No matter your soil, it is sure to improve the soil quality, help the soil retain water, and provide your garden with excellent source of nutrients. Alpaca beans are not ‘hot’, do not have to be composted, and can be used immediately. Alpacas are natural composters.
They have a very efficient digestive system, consisting of three stomachs, and
they do not give their forage any time to germinate, so their beans are seed
free. Alpaca manure is earth worm friendly, as compared to chemical fertilizers,
that can be harmful to worms, and our alpaca bean pile is loaded with earth
worms, which are bound to enhance your garden soil!
Alpaca beans have comparatively higher levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
and are as follows:  N: 1.5 – P: 0.2– K: 1.1. 
Alpaca bean are lower in organic matter than most livestock, and do not have to be aged or composted. They are not ‘hot’ and can be used immediately. Alpaca’s efficient digestive system allows for this immediate use, as it is the decomposition of the organic matter content in the manure, that indicates their efficient digestive system.
Beans can be used in gardens, flower beds, and indoor plants as well!

Soil Enrichment

Alpacas Beans....

%100 Alpaca

They poop 'em...

Alpaca Beans...

%100 Natural

We scoop 'em!

#50 Grain Bag

%100 Natural

And bag 'em just for you!

Reusing a grain bag!

Bean Tea

%100 Natural

Bean Tea - For House Plants 1/3 alpaca beans

to 2/3 water

Let stand over night

Water plants as normal