Dryer Balls- %100 Natural

Dryer Balls are a natural alternative to soften and fluff your laundry. My dryer balls are made of %100 alpaca fiber, no chemicals or perfumes used. Dryer balls help reduce wrinkles and static, as well as reduce drying time by %25, saving you money!
Alpaca dryer balls will last several years. They can be left in the dryer in between uses. Essential oils may be used on them to give your laundry a hint of your favorite smell!


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Decorative Set of 3 $27
Cute Alpaca Set of 4 $30

Dryer Balls

Alpaca Fiber

%100 Alpaca Fiber

2nd & 3rd cutting fiber

(this is fiber that is not

suitable for yarn)

The Process

Wet Felted

With fiber submitted to the fiber pool.

Farms and ranches all around the country submit fiber that they aren't using, to a fiber pool. The fiber is then distributed to cottage mills who make products such as dryer balls, for participants to sell.

The Product

%100 Alpaca

All Natural alternative to fluff and dry your clothes!

Mmmmmm! Smells Clean!

Essential Oils

Scent your laundry with your favorite essential oil!

*EO not included