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Welcome to our PacasWest website. Winter is in full swing and we are busy with snow removal, while keeping the herd dry, fed, healthy and happy!

We are in the process of adding **NEW PRODUCTS** to our webpage as well as content. If something doesn’t look quite right, it’s because I am working on it as I have time!

Email me if you have any questions about any of our products! (

Thank you!

New Products!

We have new products in and on the way!!

We have lots of stocking stuffers! Alpaca ornaments, fuzzy and otherwise, kitchen towels & mitts, cute alpaca bags, and lots of warm fuzzy apparel to keep you warm in all of this snow!!

Our Booth!

Everything we had at our Market booth, is still available!!

We have our beautiful alpaca products for sale, which are mostly yarn made from our herd’s fiber! We have a variety of yarn to offer, from 100% alpaca, to wool blends, to novelty blends such as bamboo, silk, and a one of a kind, farm blend!

Own Your Very OWN Alpaca!

Handmade and imported from Peru!

These adorable alpacas are one of the two things not made from our alpacas and/or on our ranch.

These oh-so-soft alpacas are made from real alpaca pelt, so yes, they are as soft as our alpacas – they are real alpaca. While it is unfortunate that they are real alpaca, in Peru, there is a much higher mortality rate for their alpacas, and they use the whole animal to support themselves.

Dryer Balls!

We just got in more dryer balls!

Dryer balls are a great natural alternative to dryer sheets. They shorten your drying time while reducing static and wrinkles. They are chemical and perfume free, but you can add your own essential oils to them to make your laundry have your just right smell!


Pacas West Products


100 Alpaca & Blends

DK, Worsted, Chunky, & Rug Weights


Naturals & Blends

3 Oz Rounds

Dryer Balls

100% Alpaca

All Natural, perfume & chemical free!

Alpaca Fun!

Alpaca Products

That You Cannot Live Without!

Bird Nesting Balls

Natural Grapevine Ball

100% Alpaca Fiber

DK Weight

2 Ply

Reusable Bags

40# Alpaca Grain Bags

Sturdy Double Base

Strong Double Handles

Soil Enrichment

100% Alpaca

#40 Grain Bags (full, not weighed)

Alpaca Apparel

Not just for Alpacas!

Hats, Gloves, Mittens, Scarves

Some Of Our Herd

Snowy Boy

Beautiful Lovely Gorgeous


Where are his eyes?

We’re not sure either.


Cutie Peekin’ At You

Winter 2023

Winter is still in full swing, but I know you gardeners out there are already dreaming up this Spring’s planting scheme and can smell the rich soil you’ll be turning up, preparing your garden!

Put alpaca beans on your To-Do list to prep your garden bed this Spring, they will bring new life to an old garden bed and enhance your soil! They bring all the worms to the garden too!

We sell by the #50 grain bag or a pick-up load. We will help load, but we don’t have a tractor, sorry!

A friend using our alpaca beans is hooked!

After using them one fall, he marveled in the spring…

“My pasture has never been so green!”

– Dan. Elk, WA.

He has now spread our beans on his pasture for

the 3rd fall now and LOVES THEM!!

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