Summer is here, it is finally here!

The Deer Park Market starts back up again in May, but we will be attending the Ritzville Fiber Festival that weekend. Shoot! But Hooray for Fine Fiber!!

All of our products we have at the market, are still available via online - whether we have them listed or not - we have them! Shoot us a message and we'll make it happen!

You may notice we do not have a "cart" feature on the website at this time. Our guess is that since you are on our website, you likely know us and/or recently met us at The Deer Park Market or saw us at an event. Our hope is that a more personal method of ordering and payment will work for you.

To place an order (or ask questions!), email us-pacaswest@gmail.com - or message us through Facebook -www.facebook.com/pacaswest. We will send you a personal response as to when/how we can connect to exchange payment and goodies! We both save money doing it this way!

Thank you!

Ranchers Karee & James

P.S. We are still adding new products and content. If something doesn't look right, it's probably not! We are working on the webpage as we have time. We both work full-time and run the ranch!

Where will we be this summer?! Always check here for where we'll set up next!!

Saturday Market is in Full Swing!!

We are so excited to be at the Market for the 3rd year in a row! We love meeting people and talking alpaca

You can find our booth along the fence line, under the big shady trees, between Wacker Coffee Co and Murlin Creations!

We will be there with all of our staples - the comfy alpaca socks, dryer balls, and beans! (Let us know if you'd like to pick up a #50lb grain bag of beans and we'll bring them!)

We will be selling all of our beautiful fine fiber products from our ranch, as well as fiber products from the Fiber Pool, namely, and Rancher Karee's favorite, the summer socks! We have a fresh new selection of yarn, roving, and batt fiber!

And as always, we will have our cute alpaca knick knacks, and adorable stuffed alpacas!

4th of July in 9 Mile Falls

Take a drive put to 9 Mile Falls this 4th and shop the local vendors!

We will be there, on the football field, with all of our beautiful alpaca wares and comfy alpaca socks!

There will be a classic car show, and at the end of the night, FREE Fireworks!!

There will also be food vendors and music as well!

Shop local this 4th!

Grazing Hills Fiber Festival!!

OHH. EMM. GEEEE!! We are gonna be at this Fiber Festival! And I am STOKED!!!

I have not been to this fiber festival since before the You-Know-What, and I am SO excited to be attending, and as a Vendor this time!!

If you missed me in Ritzville, here is your chance to get your hands on our luxuriously soft alpaca fiber!

We have roving, batts, and yarn. While most of our fiber is %100 alpaca, some of it has been blended with merino for a pop of color, or a touch of memory.

Additionally, we will have Artisan Totes designed by Paragon Alpacas' Bari Rhys (She is our Firefly's human momma!), as well as drop spindles hand crafted by a fellow spinner.

And as always, we will have our cute alpaca knick knacks, and adorable stuffed alpacas!

Can't wait to go and hope to see you there!!

Shop Pacas West

6 Days a Week!

Pacas West is excited to announce that we are now in brick & mortar! And available six days a week!

525 Brand is local small business like ourselves, who have gone to brick & mortar. Jake & Kristen's apparel branding business outgrew their garage, and so they moved it to a shop. With so much extra space in their store front, Kristen & Jake have generously offered local vendors 6 feet of wall display to other local vendors!

Our products are along side other local vendors such as Wacker Coffee Co, Our Little Lavendar, and Hearts & Crafts. While 525 is not a vendor mall, it IS quite the small vendor venue! Grab an ice cream next door, and pop back over for some local shopping!

We have a small selection of all of our beautiful alpaca products! And a fresh selection of summer socks!

As well as our cute stuffed alpacas!

So stop by sometime! Maybe Kristen can design you a tee shirt?! Maybe you'll get some local coffee! Maybe you'll find a great gift for a friend or family member! Stop by and Find out!

Annie's Oak Street Artisan Market

Also in brick & mortar!

We are now selling our beautiful fiber products 5 days a week, in public!

Annie's Oak Street Artisan Market, in Colville, WA, is now housing a full selection of our yarn and batts, as well as some roving and our bird nesting balls!

If you're up north, stop in and say 'Hi!' to Dave, and shop the locals' handmade goods, you won't be disappointed!! You'll find something for everyone on your list, from fresh eggs and honey, to locally designed jewelry and apparel, to handcrafted art pieces!

Pacas West Products


100% Alpaca & Blends

DK, Worsted, Chunky, & Rug Weights


Naturals & Blends

3oz Rounds

Dryer Balls

100% Alpaca

All natural, perfume & chemical free!

Alpaca Gifts

Alpaca Products

That You Cannot Live Without!

Bird Nesting Balls

Natural Grapevine Ball

100% Alpaca Fiber

$6 ea


Totes, totes and more totes!

Several Styles, designs, and prices

$10 -$32

Soil Enrichment

100% Alpaca

Full 40lb Grain Bags

(not weighed)

Alpaca Apparel

Zarah looks cute in her jacket, but we have hats, gloves, mittens, & scarves for humans!

Not just for alpacas!


Do you ever wonder what exactly it is that we do all day on our alpaca ranch? Or do you just wonder what an alpaca does all day?? Or do you even know what an alpaca is and feels like?! We are excited to announce, that in the warmer months, we are going to be offering farm tours! Date still TBD. Stay tuned......!!!

Some Of Our Herd

Snowy Boy

Beautiful Lovely Gorgeous


Where are his eyes?

We're not sure either.


Cutie Peekin' At You

Spring 2024

Spring is coming in like a lion! Full of sunshine, and faking us out into thinking real spring is on its way! Whether this is Fake Spring or Real Spring, it's about time to start thinking about your garden!

Alpaca beans can be used at any time during the year.

If your garden is not doing as well as you'd like it to, add some beans! They will bring new life to an old garden bed and enhance your soil! They bring all the worms to the garden too!

We sell by the 50lb grain bag or a pick-up load. We will help load, but we don't have a tractor, sorry! Visit our Bean link for more info and purchasing.

A friend using our alpaca beans is hooked!

After using them one fall, he marveled in the spring...

"My pasture has never been so green!"

- Dan. Elk, WA.

He has now spread our beans on his pasture for

the 3rd fall now and LOVES THEM!!

Proud Member of:

Pacas West and owner/rancher Karee not only belong to, but are active participants in the following organizations:

(click any of the icons for more information!)

Join the National Herd!

Do you own alpacas? Are you a member of the AOA? It's free to join!!

The AOA has many educational zooms, promotional materials, and is the place to be for shows, fiber, and registering your animals!

Join the Locals!

We are members of the PNAA. PNAA's main goals are to promote awareness of alpacas and to educate people about alpacas. PNAA does monthly Educational meetings, zooms, and presentations.

Rancher Karee is a member of the Education committee and the Membership Committee. Message us if you'd like to join! You do NOT have to live in the PNW to join!

Join the Handling Herd!

CAMELIDynamics is a set of skills that, once learned, make every animal easier to work with. Whether an alpaca or llama plants his feet and refuses to come forward, resists wearing a halter or won't stand for toenail trimming, Camelidynamics offers sane, scientifically sound answers that anyone can learn and use safely. It is a collection of methods that represent the most positive, least intrusive techniques for training and managing camelids. Marty is one of only a hand full of Instructors certified by Linda Tellington-Jones, one of the most respected animal educators in the world today.

Visit me locally!

Have you ever visited The Deer Park Market? We have a variety of vendors every month, and many vendors attend monthly.

We are Season Pass holders to The Deer Park Market!

Come visit us in the park, we always have an assortment of socks, alpaca gifts, yarn, and those oooh soo cute stuffed alpacas!

We can bring with us, a custom bean order too!

Shop our fiber!

We are now selling our fiber publicly!! You can now purchase our yarn, roving, batts, and bird nesting balls, at Annies Oak Street Artisan Market in Colville, WA.

This Artisan Vendor Market has over 70 vendors and a plethora of gifts and goods!

If you are ever up north, stop in and say 'Hi!' to Dave, and shop the locals' handmade goods, you won't be disappointed!!

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